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About Isla

A marca Isla Bolsas        

        Turn bags into real jewels. This is Isla’s proposal. Through the pursuit of the most noble and sophisticated raw materials, unique forms emerge that soon became objects of desire for women of all ages. Every details are carefully thought, so the bags can be used in many ways and on various occasions.


      A true expression of timeless luxury that has enchanted the world since 2009, when the brazilian, Silvia Monteiro founded the brand. Fashion has always been your natural vocation. The brand started after the designer created a small collection of handcrafted hangbagsbased on her personal need for a differentiated product, which deviated from the hitherto common standard of brands available at the time. The acceptance was so positive that soon came the need to turn into a business.


         Isla today has expanded far beyond the party line, which has given the brand immediate renown and has a complete mix of bags ranging from the beach to day by day. Currently, in addition to its own stores in Belo Horizonte and São Paulo, the brand is present in the most important multi-brands in the country and in the main luxury e-commerce, national and international.

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